3 Smoked Olives Island itself is a new adventure every time.

The Island is located on Danube River, far away from the bustle of the cities, on the border between Romania and Bulgaria, more precisely near the crossing point between Calarasi[RO] & Silistra[BG],in Ostrov.

It all started a few years ago, when a small group of friends, nature & music lovers, wanted to have their own special little thing on a Friday night. It lasted 3 days.

The small group and the event grew constantly each year. We are sure that you have a friend who was or will be on the island.


How to get to the ISLAND


If you want to come to the 3 SMOKED OLIVES ISLAND FESTIVAL, please dig up your birth certificate out of your back pocket or hidden closet and check if you have at least the minimum age, which is 21+ years old.

If by any chance you don't remember were you put it or you have no clue about how old you are, feel free to contact one of your family members. When was the last time you talked to your mom?
At the gate we will ask for your ID. Please stay home if you don't have the minimum age.


There are plenty of options to choose from, after you've completed the first step indicated above.

by foot
From Romania: first you have to arrive to CALARASI. You can get there by train // bus // minibus and from there on you have to take the bus found in front of the County Hospital to Chiciu Forest ( 3lei per ticket ) -  #3SOF2017 gate.The ISLAND is only a boat ride away.
From Bulgaria: you have to take the ferryboat from Silistra to Chiciu and after that a 5 minutes walk till the #3SOF2017 gate.

by bike
From Romania: you have to take the DN3 road // from Calarasi, follow the Chiciului Highway through the Calarasi Forest till the #3SOF2017 gate.
From Bulgaria: you have to take the ferryboat from Silistra to Chiciu and after that a 3 minutes road till the #3SOF2017 gate.

by car/minivan
These are the coordinates for your GPS: 44°08’03.4″N 27°16’28.3″E 44.134268, 27.274531
From Bulgaria: you have to take the ferryboat from Silistra to Chiciu and after that a 2 minutes road till the #3SOF2017 gate.

We encourage you to "grab" some friends and share an airplane // train // bus // minibus// minivan // bike or a personal car. You can find some Smoked Olives islanders buddies here.


Leave your "shoes" // bike // car // minibus at the parking lot and go through the GATE FILTERS where we're gonna ask for your ID (21+), you will pass face control and we will check your luggage for food & alcohol. After that you can buy our cool BLACK OLIVE TICKET - 150 lei, if you haven't already bought the GREEN OLIVE TICKET, plus a 10 lei TICKET for the boats that will take you to the ISLAND.

*for each boat ride from or to the ISLAND, the fee is 10 lei/crossing and you can use the given ticket to freely charge your phone at our Charging Point!
*for safety reasons you must use only our 3SOF branded boats, the other boats won`t be allowed to get to the ISLAND and you`ll have to return at the gate and pay another ride!
*check the boats schedule before you start your ISLAND trip; for safety reasons, the boats will be available until 22:00 each day!

For those of you coming from other countries, the ISLAND is accessible trough Romania or Bulgaria.

It matters how you choose to travel to the ISLAND and it will be an extraordinary trip for all of you!