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3SO’ Island Festival is a 21 years old age limit private event based on an organically grown community. In order to get on the island, you need to go through a registration & validation process. The event is limited to 2000 islanders and the ones that have already been on the island and supported us so far are a priority for us.

We love the island and we really want to preserve it as much as we can. One of the ways to do so is to bring the right participants to the island.

The island is located 115 km away from Bucharest. We encourage you to try carsharing as much as you can. Feel free to find some island buddies to interact with on our Facebook event page & get there easily.

There are plenty of options to choose from after you’ve completed the first step indicated above.

  1. By foot:

From Romania: first, you have to arrive in CALARASI. You can get there by train // bus // minibus and from there on you have to take the bus found in front of the Călărași County Hospital to the Chiciu Forest  #3SOF2022 gate. The ISLAND is only a boat ride away.

From Bulgaria: you have to take the ferry boat from Silistra to Ostrov and after that, a 5 minutes walk to the #3SOF2022 gate.

  1. By bike:

From Romania: you have to take the DN3 road // from Calarasi, follow the Chiciu Highway through the Calarasi Forest till the #3SOF2022 gate.

From Bulgaria: you have to take the ferry boat from Silistra to Ostrov and after that a 3-minute trip to the #3SOF2022 gate.

  1. By car/minivan:

These are the coordinates for your GPS: 44°08’03.4″N 27°16’28.3″E 44.134268, 27.274531

From Bulgaria: you have to take the ferry boat from Silistra to Ostrov and after that a 2-minute trip to the #3SOF2022 gate.


We encourage you to “grab” some friends and share an airplane // train // bus // minibus// minivan // bike or a personal car. You can find some Smoked Olives islanders buddies here (https://fb.me/e/1MJfNB24q) .

No, we all love pets but not all of them are comfortable with loud music. Also, because the island is populated by animals, we want their natural habitat to be preserved as much as it can be.

If you bring your own tent, make sure you add at least the sleeping bag and the sleeping pad. Don’t forget about the sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and towels.

Food, beverages & alcohol. There are many options on the island.

Besides the restrictions on bringing food, beverages and alcohol, keep in mind that the island is listed as a Romanian territory and the Romanian laws are applied. Sanctions will be applied for drug possession as for other illegal activities.

Always wear a life vest during the boat ride and stay away from the water during the night.

At the gate, you need to have a valid ID to confirm your ticket details and allow our security team to do your luggage check. If everything goes smoothly, you’ll get your #3so2022 bracelet.

Yes, the festival has a parking space. You can leave your car near the gates and the price is 10 Romanian Lei/ day.

Yes, there are a few options across the island, such as Hotel Baden, and Monica Restaurant & Motel, Complex Turistic Albatros Călărași Pod 4.

Being a remote event on the river, the only accommodation option on the island is to camp in a tent.

The forest camping area can host all of us, but you need to be efficient in placing your tent. The more space you take around it in the shadowed area, the more islanders will have to put theirs in the sun.

Sure you can! Please fill in the tent rental form on the www.3sof.com website.

The event works using a cashless payment system, and you can top up your wristband by using both cash and bank cards.

Yes, you can, except 8:00 pm-8:00 am when the boats are not crossing the river due to safety reasons.

Yes, the food court provides traditional & international food, vegan food, homemade sweets, a variety of sandwiches and salads, coffee, and many more.

No, food and beverages bought outside the island are strictly forbidden.

No, but there will be specially designed areas for campfires.

There is a first aid point on the island in partnership with the Romanian Red Cross, where you will be able to find an ambulance and paramedics.

Yes, we’re trying to improve these basic needs, based on the feedback from the previous edition.

This year, sanitary containers will be placed in the area of ​​showers and toilets.

The ticket covers the event for all 7 days and free caping access. The access fee will be carefully divided and redirected into the infrastructure, quality, and sustainability of the event and also into monitoring and preserving the island and the sanitization of nearby areas of the Danube river.

A round trip costs 20 lei (RON).

Unfortunately this year we don’t have lockers for the islanders’ personal things so please think about the stuff you really need to bring on the island.