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Small islands have always been objects of desire. They are self-referential and places of refuge, restoration and intimacy, with an anarchic spirit and defiant of distant centres of power.

They create utopian visions and bring reconciliation.
Islands foster the sense of all being in this together and remaking the world anew.
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the 3SO island

3 Smoked Olives Island is so unique—located on the Danube River, far away from the bustle of the cities, on the border between Romania and Bulgaria, near the ferry crossing between Calarași(RO) & Silistra(BG). A magical place from your dreams. An escape gate. An isolated island with soft sands & waters and a fresh-grown forest. The place where everyone’s your friend. The mystical land that calms and, at the same time, awakens your spirit.
It represents a friendly community gathering that forgets about their daily working routine and concerns for several days.

We let go of everything and use each moment to recharge through nature’s energy while living the Island Life, just 1-hour drive from Bucharest.

The story started in 2010 when a small group of friends, nature
& house music lovers wanted to have their closed, intimate party on a Friday night at the 3 Măsline Afumate (3 Smoked Olives) fishing cabin. It lasted three days.

The initial group grew into a beautiful community of Islanders.